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Preprint Archive

Instructions for adding a new Report to the Preprint Archive

1. Once your document is finished, request a number for your technical report from the Caltech Online Digital Archive (CODA) by submitting the form at the bottom of this page.

2. Within 5 business days, you will receive a number of the form yyyy-nnn, where yyyy is the year (eg. 2008) and nnn is the report number (eg. 005). Use this to create a front page for your report. Click here for a template in Word. Note: The header contains the logo, and the footer contains the paper number. Please view and edit the footer so that it contains the number of your report. Create a final pdf document that includes the front page followed by the report. We recommend that your running header or footer include the persistent URL of your report, which will be:

3. Upload the report to the Solids Preprint archive:

If you don't have an account, click on Register first to create one. Otherwise, click on "User Area " at the top of the page. You will be prompted to log in. Once you are on the site, click on "Begin a New Item" to begin the process (or other links as necessary).

4. You will be prompted to enter information about the report/preprint.

5. Follow the prompts to upload a copy of your preprint.

6. Once you have finished entering all of the information and a copy of the paper, and then viewing the metadata summary, you will be given the option of depositing the ePrint. Clicking on the "Deposit EPrint Now" button will send it to the Library where it will be reviewed and then put online. If you want to make any changes, you can click on the "Deposit EPrint later" button and revise your information.

At any point in the process, you can stop entering data and exit the system. You may then go back at a later time to the User Area to continue the process.

Request a Number for your Report from the Caltech Online Digital Archive (CODA):

Report Title:
(one author per line please)
Publication Date:
e.g. January 23, 2006
Approving Faculty:
Your Name with email:
Your Name <>


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